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Frequently Asked Questions


Who needs XO Premium Energy Shots?
The Generation Y, M, X and Baby Boomers-who need that extra boost to dance the night away. 
The Active Sports Person - who requires some additional energy.
The Business Executive who works in a high stress environment. 
The Student - who needs to increase concentration. 

What does XO Energy Shots contain? 
Taurine* Is a conditionally essential amino acid, a colorless crystalline
               cysteine derivative C2H7NO3S, which naturally occurs in
                the body.
                It helps regulate the nervous system and the muscles. 

Caffeine* Is known for its stimulating effect, clearly noted above all
                 in the circulatory system and in the brain.
                 It is a central nervous system stimulant and a diuretic. 

Carbohydrates* - As an energy source, XO Energy Shots contains
                Carbohydrates almost exclusively in the form of sucrose
                and Glucose. 

Vitamins*The C-complex vitamin contained in XO Energy Shots is
                essential maintaining normal bodily functions and play a
                vital role in maintaining physical stamina.

*All of the above as defined in dictionary. ->see Benefits page.

XO 6oz Energy 7 Flavors Shots are Non- Alcoholic,
Non-Medicinal and contain 2-3 times less Caffeine than a Cup
of Tea or a Cup of Coffee

Are all XO Energy Shots safe for Consumption?
Scientific testing has been performed by the US Ingredients producer
of all the XO 7 flavors formulas made by the highest quality ingredients
were approved for consumption for every person worldwide. 

Are XO Shots having less Boost effect than other Energy drinks sold in the market?
XO 7 Premium 6oz Energy Shots flavors served in PET bottles have enough boosting ingredients with an advantage of re-sealable caps and after opening they could kept at Room Temperature & stay fresh to be consumed within 24 hours.

Does XO Energy Shots have any medical benefits?
Our XO Products are not intended to Diagnose or Treat any Illness or Disease and we suggest to consumers not abusing the use of alcohol with our XO 6oz Shots mixed in cocktails.

What is the return policy?
NO returns are accepted after purchasing unless our products are damaged.

Chronic fatigue may signal a more serious condition. Seek medical help if you suffer from prolonged, unexplained lethargy or weakness. But if you have or want to start an active lifestyle, and need extra energy boost to keep up, try XO Energy Shots. 

Parents are being urged excercise the maximum caution in determining if they chose to allow their children too much use of energy dinks.

XO Management.

XO Energy Beverage Corporation will not be responsible for any Solicitations you might received from any xoenergy Fake Domains so; to avoid any unpleasant situations, we suggest that you always double check with our New York USA Corporate office for clarifications either by addressing your email directly to or by contacting us by Phone.

Thank You for your Prompt cooperation.

XO Management.

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