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XO is proud to introduce to the Worldwide Consumers Our Unique Seven Flavors created by Jo Emile Amar, making Sure our XO Brands will always have Distinguished Aromas, Excellent Taste, using Only the Highest and Best quality Ingredients and their Benefits. 

*To enjoy All of XO Coolness and its Benefits it is Best Consumed At Room Temperature, Not necessarily be served chilled as most energy drinks.

*XO Energy 6oz Shots are advantageous serving are 2-3 Times bigger in Size,Countenance with re-sealable PET bottles for later use.  

Parents are being urged to exercise the maximum caution in determining if they choose to allow their children too much use of energy drinks.  
"XO Energy 6oz Shots are Not recommended for Children under 12 years of age, nor to Pregnant Women and not to Persons Sensitive to Caffeine, Our XO products are notintended to Diagnose, Treat, Cure, or Prevent any Disease"

Chronic fatigue may signal a more serious condition. Seek medical help if you suffer from prolonged, unexplained lethargy or weakness.
But if you have an active lifestyle, or want to start an active lifestyle, and need extra energy boost to keep up, try XO Energy Shots.

XO Energy Beverage Corporation will not be responsible for any Solicitations you received or might receive from any xoenergy Fake Domains so; in order to avoid any unpleasant situations, we suggest that you always double check with our New York USA Corporate Office for clarification by addressing your email directly to or to

We Thank You for Your Cooperation.
XO Management

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