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Basic Ingredients per
180ml serving
and Their
as per Dictionary.


Is an amino acid naturally occurring in the human body. At times of extreme physical exertion; the body no longer produces the required amounts of taurine and relative deficiencies results. Taurine acts as a metabolic transmitter and additionally has a detoxifying effect and strengthens cardiac contractility.


Is a mild stimulant which increases alertness and reduces fatigue. Boost metabolism and central nervous system. Can improve physical performance and clarity of thoughts. Numerous studies endorse it studies as common intake levels.


Is an enzyme produced naturally in the body? Inositol is known to aid with digestion, aids In the breakdown of fats and reduce blood cholesterol.

Vitamin C. 

Is needed to help protect against infection, assist in clearing up infections and is thought to enhance the immune system while helping in the reduction of cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and preventing arteriosclerosis.
Vitamin C is an important ingredient for the formation of many hormones and neurotransmitters. It is also essential for healthy functioning of the immune system and the adrenal glands, which help our bodies react to stress. 


Vitamin B3 
Also known as Niacin helps your body to use carbohydrates and fat efficiently, is important to maintain a healthy intestinal tract & healthy skin
Vitamin B5
Also known as Pantothenic acid, forms part of your daily diet, and plays a certain role in maintaining your health, vitality and wellbeing, helps to fight fatigue and depression; & supports cell energy metabolism, growth, development and hormone production.


Vitamin B6 

Is a co-enzyme which functions with tandem with the synthesis of protein to stimulate the metabolism?
V-B6 helps your body break down and generate amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein.

V-B6 is necessary to help produce hemoglobin, which is the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen to the cells in our body.  



Is the most efficient source of energy for any kind of physical activity and is the body's Primary fuel for exercise and require less oxygen to be burned than either protein or fat.

"Not recommended for Children under 12 years of age, not to Pregnant Women and not to Persons Sensitive to Caffeine, This product is not  intended to  Diagnose, Treat, Cure, or Prevent any Disease"

Parents are being urged to exercise the maximum caution in determining if they chose to allow their children too much use of energy drinks.
Chronic fatigue may signal a more serious condition. Seek medical help if you suffer from prolonged, unexplained lethargy or weakness.
But if you have an active lifestyle, or want to start an active lifestyle,
and need extra energy boost to keep up, try XO Energy Shots.

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